General Information about the Climate Action Hub

As has now been customary since the 2018 Katowice climate conference (COP 24), the COP 27 Presidency will build the Action Hub Amphitheatre directly within the main venue at the UN Climate Change conference to be held from 6 November until 18 November in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

The UN Climate Change secretariat is responsible for organizing the programme of events to be delivered at the Action Hub.

What is the Climate Action Hub?

It is at the core of the Action Hub to hold events that are markedly different from other traditional meetings held at the conference, in both format and content, and provide a central scene that is inclusive, participatory and transparent to non-Party Stakeholders.

This area is a dynamic events-space, where participants get the opportunity to stage a variety of events relating to concrete climate action projects and initiatives. These events typically include talk-shows, special launch events, climate action solutions competition winners announcements, games, interactive activities, educational programmes or digital demonstrations, all of which focus exclusively on or aim for actual climate action and provide a voice to the audience.

The Action Hub hosts a wide variety of actors, such as representatives of businesses, investors, cities, foundations, and also includes civil society, cultural and media figures, and celebrities. All events held as part of the Action Hub programme are live streamed on the UNFCCC webcast page, and the videos files of events are later made available on demand and can be downloaded.

How to hold an event at the Action Hub?

Holding an event at the Action Hub requires an application. Each organization may enter up to two distinct applications.

The application process has concluded as well as the review of all submissions by the judging panels. The programme of events is now available.

Schedule at COP 27

The Action Hub will host events from Tuesday 8 November (afternoon) until Thursday 17 November, excluding Sunday 13 November. Everyday, events will start on the hour and last a maximum of 40 minutes, to allow for stage management and cleaning between participants.

The Action Hub events will be listed in the conference daily programme, available on the UNFCCC website and displayed throughout the conference on CCTV.

Please see the schedule below. Adjustments to it will be made as we confirm information with selected participants. 


The Hub events are not on invitation: attendance is free to any registered participant in the COP (governmental delegates, civil society, business representatives, local government representatives, members of the press, investors, artists, etc.) to ensure inclusivity and a variety of input.

For interested registered participants who are not physically present at COP 27, all Action Hub events will be streamed on the COP 27 digital platform, a web-based application to allow for virtual participation. This platform also enables registered participants who need to actively participate in an event from another location to do so, and interact with the speaker on-stage and the audience, through a live connection.

Finally, the events will be livestreamed on the UNFCCC website and later on, made available on demand.